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How to fit a roman blind

You will need:

  • Screws and wall plugs
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Steel tape measure
  • Large scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Step ladder

For a sidewinder mechanism


Decide the fixing position for your roman blind.

For Fitting inside the window recess

The fixing brackets allow for the headrail cassette to be fixed to the wall or the ceiling of a recess (top fix).

Tip: Ensure that the blind is far enough away from the window handles to prevent obstruction.

For fitting outside the window reveal

This relates to the specified measurements of your made-to-measure blind. Check your chosen positioning by holding your blind up to the window before fitting. It is also a good idea to wind the blind down fully to check that the blind covers the full drop of the window from the intended fitting position.


Detach the brackets from the top of the headrail by pulling the fabric velcro fastening down from the headrail slightly to reveal the brackets and allowing the blind to temporarily hang from the cords. Open the lever of the bracket to remove.  


Hold each bracket up to the required position on the wall/reveal top and mark the screw positions. Ensure that all brackets are level and carefully aligned before drilling and plugging holes. Then fix the brackets.


Once the brackets have been fitted, the headrail can be manoeuvred into the brackets. To do this, hold up the headrail with the Velcro facing towards you, hook the front lip of the headrail into the spring-clip on the front of the brackets and ensure they are pressed in. Then click the back lip of the headrail into the back clips on the brackets. Then close the levers to hold the blind in position.


Re-attach the top of the roman blind to the headrail aligning the Velcro strips.

Note: If you need to tweak the roman blind strings, let the blind down to the closed position. Adjust the toggles so the strings are just beginning to take the weight of the blind. Raise the blind using the chain mechanism, check the hem is straight and adjust further if necessary. For blinds with more than 2 strings, adjust the outside strings first, while the others remain slacker, then adjust the intermediate strings.

IMPORTANT: The chain loops on blind sidewinder mechanisms can be a strangulation hazard to children and vulnerable people. The blind is supplied with a plastic chain connector which will cause the chain to break away when it comes under excessive tension. If the chain does break, it can be re-joined by clipping the chain back into the connector. The chain should finish at least 60cm from the floor.

How to hang curtains

The Great British Interiors guide to help you hang your made to measure curtains.

Blind safety guidance

Important information: Safety warning - Children can be strangled by loops in cords, chains, tapes and inner cords on blinds. Cords may become wrapped around a child's neck. You must keep cords and loops out of the way of babies and young children. The bottom of blind chains should hang at least 150cm above floor level. Accidents can happen when young children climb, therefore it is important that beds, cots, furniture and any other items are moved away from window covering cords. All of The Great British Curtain Co blinds are made to comply with all safety guidelines. We also take extra precautions by supplying every blind, regardless of fitting height with safety breakaway devices. Regularly check that any safety device is securely fixed and in working order. Instructions supplied when ordering blinds and on delivery should be diligently followed and babies and young children should be constantly supervised. Ensure that any curtains with cords are not accessible to children either. Once the cords on the curtain tape have been pulled to create the pleats in the top of the curtain, ensure that the ends of the cord are not left dangling and are securely pushed inside the tape at the top of the curtains. This information is provided on an educational and awareness basis. You should seek professional advice from your installer based on your situation as The Great British Curtain Co accepts no responsibility for duty of care to you based on the information given.

For more information, please download The Great British Curtain Co Blind Safety Guidance guide.