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Choosing Home Accessories in Whitley Bay

When it comes to shopping for home accessories for your Whitley Bay home, the options you have can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a more simple styling approach or you prefer to add big, bold and beautiful decorations – home accessories really can add personality to any of your rooms. Decorating really doesn’t have to be successful and by shopping for these little additions, it can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to giving your space a refresh.

At Great British Interiors, we pride ourselves in our beautiful range of stunning home accessories to help you make your house a home in Whitley Bay. Regardless of your styling preferences, we’re sure that you’ll find something to suit your home. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Mirrors – If you have a small room that you’re frustrated with because it doesn’t get much natural light, the addition of a mirror could be a perfect solution for you. Strategically placing a mirror allows you to brighten up any room and give the illusion that it’s bigger than it is.

Pillows – The addition of soft furnishings like cushions allow pieces to appear (and be!) cosier. Whether you’re in need of adding life to your sofa or guest bed, our cushions come in various colours and styles so that you can add that final touch to your furniture.

Photo Frames – Walls can look bare if you opt for a white, or simple paint. By adding a gallery wall of all your favourite memories, or a big statement art piece could really help to create a whole new space. 

Decorative Ornaments – Whether it’s an empty shelf or a plain window sill, adding decorative ornaments such as glassware, candle holders or figurines help to bring character to any room in your home. No table has to be left untouched when it comes to decorating. 

Artificial Plants – Maybe you love the idea of having bright plants and flowers in your home but you haven’t got time in your busy life to keep up with the maintenance. Artificial plants are a popular way to inject colour and keep it completely hassle-free.


Home Accessories for All Rooms

Styling up your Whitley Bay home with accessories doesn’t have to be boring. You can create a completely new way of decorating by placing your accessories in new and exciting places, making your home really stand out amongst the crows. Perhaps you want to turn your front porch into a green haven with lots of fake plants? Or make your small guest bedroom look like a hotel suite with a lovely ornate mirror – the options are endless.


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