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Choosing Home Accessories in Newcastle

When it comes to home accessories, there an abundance to choose from when it comes to styling up your Newcastle home. Whether you choose to add fairly simple decorations, or you really like to go all out with your decorating style, it’s certainly a fun way to add personality to your space. The essence of adding these smaller furnishings could be the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your home.

There is an abundance of home accessories to choose from and it’s completely preference as to whether you stay simple or continue to keep adding until your happy, but here’s how we recommend styling up a home with a few of our favourites. Whether you add one or two, or all of these is completely up to you.

Mirrors – Mirrors are a fantastic way to bring more light to a room that may not be blessed with much natural lighting. By placing them strategically, they can open up the space even more so, which is great if you have smaller rooms in your home. 

Pillows – Cushions and other soft furnishings can make anything look welcoming. They don’t only work for sofas, but for bed and ottomans too. By adding various different colours and textures, they can be an amazing way to break up simple colour schemes. 

Photo Frames – Whether you like to display memories from your own life, of stylised artsy images, photo frames help bring life to your walls. Go big and statement with a full wall piece, or choose your favourites and create your very own gallery in your home.

Decorative Ornaments – Do you have a side table that is looking slightly bare? Or you want to create a display in your dining room? Decorative ornaments such as candle holders, bowls and figurines can bring any area to life, just ensure they all match with your furniture and don’t just blend in.

Artificial Plants – A newer trends than the others, but if you’re a lover of greenery but don’t really have green fingers, artificial plants are the hassle-free option. You can turn your home into a colourful place with the addition of fake plants and flowers.


Home Accessories for All Rooms

Our team at Great British Interiors don’t think that accessorising your home in Newcastle has to be done in the obvious way that we all know – accessories can go anywhere. Have space under the stairs? Why not add a huge mirror against a wall? Front porch looking a bit tired? Bring it to life with some plants! By adding home accessories, it’s your chance to really shine and create something that’s different from anyone else.


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