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Choosing Home Accessories in Alnwick

When it comes to shopping for home accessories, there are lots to choose from to help you style up your Alnwick home. Regardless of if you prefer the simple styling of your decor, or you usually opt for something a bit brighter and bolder with lots of accessories, they are fantastic additions to help you add personality to any room. When you concentrate on the smaller additions right at the end of decorating, it can really help you add those last finishing touches.

At Great British Interiors, we are home to a whole variety of different home accessories and it’s preference whether you like to add a lot to your space or keep it fairly simple. We have various categories of items for you to shop and here are a few that we would recommend.

Mirrors – Small rooms with less natural light than others can really benefit from the addition of a mirror. If strategically placed, they can not only brighten up a room but make it seem as though it is much bigger than it actually is.

Pillows – The additions of soft furnishings like cushions can really make a difference to whether a sofa looks cosy or not. They can also be used in other areas around the house, whether it’s your guest bedroom or on a chair in your study, they help add life through colour and texture.

Photo Frames – Photo frames and wall art give simple, plain walls that little bit of added character. Whether you choose to create your very own gallery wall with various memories you’ve captured on camera, or you go for a large statement art piece, they’re bound to inject colour and comfort to your space.

Decorative Ornaments – Do you have a dining table that looks boring when not being used? Or is a window sill looking dull? Decorative ornaments like glassware, figurines or even candle holders can help lift a space up.

Artificial Plants – If you’re dying to add some greenery into your home but lead a busy lifestyle, having artificial plants are a hassle-free option for you. With perhaps maybe the occasional dust, they’re a stress-free way to add plants and flowers into your home.


Home Accessories for All Rooms

Accessories will fit anywhere in your Alnwick home. On window sills, stairs, shelves, tables – there’s nothing holding you back creating something completely different to what you’ve seen before. Do you have a home office that you’d like to make a bit cosier? Or perhaps a guest bedroom you want to seem more welcoming to those that stay there? By adding the odd accessory, it can really boost your space’s personality and character. 


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