Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Sitting on the dock of the bay…



The rise in popularity of staycations, over the last 2 years has seen a revival of coastal inspired décor.  The rustic dunes, windswept grasses, rolling waves, breath-taking sunrises have become a place of safety and calm…A style that we have embraced and replicated in our homes, creating that same sense of peace and tranquillity.


At Great British Interiors we have fully embraced coastal living and have curated a list of top tips to enable you to bring the same relaxed beachy style to your space.


  1. Beach house style is all about layering textures.


Creating a coastal décor isn’t all about blue stripes, ships in bottles and shell souvenirs.  Being too literal can come off as gimmicky and tacky. Instead choose a palette of subtle hues and textures, reminiscent of calming beach tones. Incorporate natural weaves, rustic textures and course fibres…A subtle colour palette will create a calm environment and the texture will add layers and interest. Use rugs, blankets, baskets, wall hanging, feature lights, cushions, various materials to create a relaxed, layered look, which is what coastal living is all about.




  1. Neutral colours with accents of blue.

One of the best ways to create a relaxed coastal interior is to curate a subtle colour palette of neutral/white tones, with accents of blue. The new collection Portland, by Iliv has the perfect range of fabrics to achieve this look. The stripes and subtle tones will create a classy feel. Break up the blue and white colour scheme with wooden accents and classy beach accessories to avoid the look becoming too matchy matchy.  



  1. Soft lighting will enhance a sense of calm.

Take inspiration from the stunning sunrises that glisten across the ocean. Here at Great British Interiors, we have selected some of the most beautiful timeless lamps to compliment the textures and subtle tones.



  1. Get your upcycling on…

A great way to create a relaxed beachy vibe without breaking the bank is to upcycle current pieces of furniture. White washed wooden pieces will provide a fresh seaside feel. Once you’re happy with the effect you can add beach accessories- think aquatic coral, textured shells, reclaimed drift wood, barefoot sourced sea glass… Arrange your beach treasures in quite a haphazard way, in keeping with the informal look.




  1. Sculptured levels & heights

We love a large hurricane vase, displaying natural reeds and grasses reminiscent of the sand dunes. These will bring texture and a natural outdoors element to your indoor space. Complete the look with rattan lanterns of varying sizes, natural material wall hangings, rustic textures, course weaves, reclaimed driftwood, tonally paired natural hues with hints of blue and layers, all to be enjoyed as you kick back with a glass of something nice, a good read and Otis playing…Happy days!