Measuring Guides

Measuring guide for curtains

  • To find the width of the curtains that you will require measure the length of the curtain pole or track (not the window). Please ensure that the pole or track is fitted before taking this measurement.
  • The track or pole should extend beyond the window on either side, to allow room for the curtains to be gathered at the side of the window.
  • Use a metal tape measure as a cloth tape measure may stretch.
  • Always double check your measurements.

Measuring the widthcurtain-measurements

  • For the width of the curtains measure from one end of the track to the other end.
  • When measuring the width of the pole, take the measurement form inside of the decorative finials.
  • If the tracks overlap it is important to add the overlap on to the measurements too!
  • To optimise light, we recommend that the pole or track should extend 30cm on either side of the window.

Measuring the drop

  • Measure from the track or the pole to the length that you require. For curtains to the window sill, measure to 1cm above the sill. For floor length curtains take the measure to 1cm above the floor.
  • If you require the length of the curtains to be between the window sill and the floor, measure the drop from the track or pole to the length required.
  • For curtains that will hang from the pole, measure from the base of the rings as this is where the curtains will hang from.
  • For eyelet curtains measure from the top of the ring to the length required.
  • For tracks measure from the top of the track, to ensure it is hidden behind the curtain.

Hanging Curtains

Measuring for Blinds

Blinds can sit either inside or outside a window recess. It’s important to decide which you want before taking your measurements.

  • Measurements must be in full centimetres. Where your measurement falls in between two whole centimetres, always round down to the nearest centimetre (eg, for a measurement of 70.5cm, record 70cm).
  • It is always a good idea to double check any measurements before placing your order.

Inside a Window Recess


  • Measure the width at the top, middle & bottom of the recess. If there is a difference, record the smallest measurement and deduct a further 1cm to ensure that the blind does not snag on the recess when lowered.


  • Measure the length at both sides and middle of the recess. If there is a difference, order using the smallest measurement to ensure the blind hangs freely. Please note that for the drop measurement you do not need to deduct anything from the shortest measurement.

Outside a Window Recess

If you would like your blind to be fitted outside the recess, please follow the measuring guide below:


  • Measure the width at the top and the bottom of the window recess. Take the largest measurement and add a minimum of 5cms each side (10cms in total) for the blind to overlap the window.


  • Measure from the required position above the window (we recommend approximately 6cms) down to the required length.
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